Sinful Child

dmitry-ratushny-64773A song changes how you feel, a dream builds a new reality for you to heal

A path leads you to your only, a future thinks otherwise and suddenly you’re lonely

A memory as fresh as hell, a story writing itself and you know it well

A new star giving birth far in the sky, a weak light reveals a new lie and all you do is sigh

A mirror whispers that you can survive, a day waits and waits for you to stay alive

A child you can never forget, a past playing a nasty game and the fool you keep making a bet

A secret does you wrong but you’re fine, a choice needs to be made before the endings entwine

A poem is written for the sake of your smile, a not so hopeful one I guess but it was worthwhile

Written by: Maruan Elmail

Photo by: Dmitry Ratushny

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