Hesitant Believer

ryan-holloway-273158Do you believe in magic and fairytales, have you ever seen beauty in margins and minor details

Have you thought of surviving your own story, unless you mixed your handwriting with others’ glory

Are these falling angels the reason your conscious is always numb, are you even aware that a stranger in your own flesh is all you have become

Are you sure you didn’t scratch the sleeping sky, she seemed a bit annoyed with your ability to fly

You really think those innocent eyes don’t lie, do you know that even the devil cries and feels shy

Has anyone whispered you a weak hearted, was it because of those feelings you once denied and outsmarted

Is it okay to finish you with a vague note, because you’re an enigma within a book that no one can quote

Written by: Marouan Elmail

Photo by: Ryan Holloway

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